Disclosure Desk

As part of our customizable à la carte services, we also manage the disclosure process. We have a dedicated team, well-trained in compliance and fees, specifically handling disclosures.

  • Wholesale Loans:
    • Loan Registration: The Disclosures Team initiates the loan registration process for wholesale loans, ensuring accurate and timely entry into the system.
    • Fee Update: All associated fees are reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect the most current and accurate information.
    • Disclosure Sending: Utilizing the Lender portal, the team sends out disclosures to the borrower.
  • Correspondent Loans:
    • Disclosures via LOS System: For correspondent loans, the team seamlessly integrates with the Client's Loan Origination System to send out the Disclosures. Leveraging the LOS system, the Disclosures Team sends out necessary disclosures to the borrower. This method ensures alignment with the Correspondent Client's specific processes and systems.
  • Additional Service Feature:
    • Free State Audit Package Preparation:
      • Post-Funding State Audit Package: After the loan has been funded, the service goes a step further by preparing a state audit package at no additional cost.
      • Thorough Documentation: The team compiles all necessary documentation in accordance with state audit requirements, ensuring completeness and accuracy.