Mortgage Processing

Our dedicated Mortgage Processing Team takes a comprehensive approach to ensure the seamless handling of loans from registration to funding audit. This end-to-end service encompasses every critical stage of the loan processing lifecycle, emphasizing precision, efficiency, and compliance.

  • Registration: Our process begins with registration, involving the import of xml data into the lenders portal. This initial step includes a thorough verification of all information gathered from the borrower, along with rate details provided by the loan officer. We communicate with the loan officer to review the loan estimate, confirming that the fees discussed with the borrower matches with the loan estimate. Once all details are validated, we will send the the initial disclosures to the borrower. Simultaneously, our third-party team initiates the title order, and upon the signing of the 'intent to proceed,' we proceed to order the appraisal.
  • document verification: Thorough document verification is a key aspect of our service. Our team requests and reviews all necessary documents, confirming compliance with regulatory requirements and lender guidelines. This helps prevent delays and ensures a reliable foundation for the subsequent stages.
  • submission: Our team reviews all documents, ensuring that the file is submitted for approval with minimal conditions. Given that all our processors are trained in underwriting, they conduct a thorough review of all documents. Any discrepancies identified are promptly communicated to the loan officer before the submission to underwriting.
  • approval and underwriting support: Our team provides crucial support during the underwriting process, collaborating closely with underwriters to address any additional documentation needs or queries. This collaborative approach ensures a thorough evaluation of each loan application, contributing to faster decisions with minimal conditions.
  • closing coordination and funding: As loans advance toward closure, our team takes charge of coordinating all closing activities. This involves either sending out closing docs directly or collaborating with the lender's closer for the distribution of closing docs. We proactively communicate with the borrower, loan officer, and title company regarding the closing date and time. Additionally, we facilitate the necessary steps, such as requesting wires from lenders when required, to ensure a timely and seamless closing and funding process.
  • funding and funding audit: After closing, our team coordinates with the title company to ensure the loan is funded on time and requests all closing documents for state audit purposes. Our QC team reviews the file in accordance with state compliance regulations, preparing the file for state audit. We send the audit-ready package to the broker. This package serves as a comprehensive set of documents for the state audit, if the auditor select the file for review.

Throughout this journey, our Mortgage Processing Team is committed to maintaining open lines of communication, providing regular updates, and offering proactive solutions to any challenges that may arise. By entrusting your loan processing needs to us, you can focus on your core business activities, confident that our team is dedicated to delivering a streamlined and reliable service from start to finish.